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Fidel (Alphabet in Amharic), Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel, was established by Ethiopian and native Israelis in 1997 in order to provide a solution for educational and integration challenges. Fidel's position and vast knowledge of the community allows the organization to operate from within and create lasting community infrastructure. Fidel's programs operate throughout the country and offer children, youth and adults the necessary means to integrate into and succeed in Israeli society. Since its founding, Fidel has successfully helped thousands of Ethiopian youth and their parents in their integration process.

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Fidel Association
43 Ha'atzmaut Way, P.O.B. 1199, Yehud
Tel: +972.72.2507400
Fax: +972.72.2507444


Make a donation to Fidel through "Round-Up". By rounding up the amount of each purchase on your credit card (which amounts to a few shekels each month), you can make a big difference for Ethiopian Israeli children and youth. Please click on the Round-Up logo

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