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Vision and Goals

Fidel's Vision
The Ethiopian Israeli community will integrate into Israeli society, economically and socially. Through education and educational programming provided by Fidel, community members will attain significant skills and tools that will allow them to realize their personal potential.
Goals and Objectives
  • Develop and implement informal education enrichment and social programs that promote the integration of the Ethiopian Israeli community in Israeli society
  • Provide community members with tools for better social and economic integration in Israeli society
  • Preserve Ethiopian Jewish heritage, strengthen the community's sense of identity 
  • Support and promote Ethiopian Israeli children at school, identify and prevent hidden and actual dropouts 
  • Prevent violence and addiction among Ethiopian Israelis
  • Strengthen intergenerational communication and encourage parents to be involved in their children's education
  • Establish and encourage community leadership
  • Create awareness of and empathy for the integration of Ethiopian Israelis in society among veteran Israelis, through publicity and media exposure
  • Develop unique programs that encourage economic independence for adults
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